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Music for wine

Summer Wine – sunshine, light breeze, scent of wine, chilled champagne, the beauty of the lake – almost perfect. Almost. Something is missing. Yes, music! Marylin Monroe was asked after a nude photo session if she felt embarrassed of being naked. “No – shes said – the music played!” And we agree with her. Music makes our life much more enjoyable, thus VinCE Balaton will provide music shows every night. Program will be announced later, but meanwhile, vote for your favourite wine music!

We collected some great wine music:

1. Sting

2. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s song by Bono and a The Corrs

3. Train

4. Olivia Newton-John (makes her own wine)

5. Jaz Z rapper promotes Armand de Brignac champagne

6. UB 40 sings about red wine

7. A whole wine guide by the Hungarian band Bëlga

8. Santana (who makes sparkling wine)

9. Eric Clapton sings about red wine

10. Share your favourite wine music and we will share it with our readers