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Only quality wineries – wine festival in the cultural capital of Lake Balaton
AM0_7114VinCE Magazine is Hungary’ leading wine magazine with panel tastings of high reputation. The magazine’s main event is in March, called VinCE Budapest, has been organized 4 times. It had the most respected speakers like Jancis Robinson, Piero Antinori, Warren Winiarski, Gary Vaynerchuk and many others. The summer event is a much lighter version – but with the same perfection in its organization. Quality is the first principle: only wineries with at least one 4 star result (from VinCE panel tasting) can participate. However, in spite of the Budapest event, Balaton event is about entertainment. Wonderful wines, sailing, sunshine, great music.

The festival is free of charge for visitors, only a glass is needed to buy. At the exhibitors visitors pay by cash. For those, who are thirsty for knowledge, VinCE Bar offers tutored wine tastings for free (schedule is announced on 15 June).

Exhibitors’ list is continuously updated.

Agárdi Pálinka (Distillery, Hungary) -

Balaton Borgaléria (Wine Store of Balaton Wines, Hungary) -

Bazaltbor Badacsony, Badacsony (Winery from Balaton, Hungary) -

Borbély Családi Pincészet, Badacsony  (Winery from Balaton, Hungary) -

Csányi Pince, Villány (Winery from Villány region, Hungary) -

Cégér a jó bornak (Wine Label Design Contest Winners and their Wines, Hungary) -

DiVino Borbár (Wine Bar from Budapest, Hungary) -

Egri Korona Borház, Eger (Winery from Eger region, Hungary)

Epermester Pincészet, Tahitótfalu (Strawberry Wine, Hungary) -

Etyeki Kúria, Etyek (Winery from Etyek region, Hungary) -

Folly Arborétum Borászat, Badacsony (Winery from Balaton, Hungary) -

Gyulai Pálinka (Distillery, Hungary) -

Halasi Pince, Villány (Winery from Villány region, Hungary) -

IFDT (Wine Store, Hungary) -

In Vino Veritas (Wine Store, Hungary) -

Kandalló Pub (Artisan beers, soft drinks and other products, Hungary) -

Németh János Pincészete, Szekszárd (Winery from Szekszárd region, Hungary) -

Nobilis Pálinka (Distillery, Hungary) -

Pántlika Pincészet, Dörgicse, Balaton-felvidék (Winery from Balaton, Hungary) -

Sauska Pincészet, Tokaj, Villány (Winery from Villány and Tokaj region, Hungary) -

Sonkamester, Etyek (Artisan Ham from Etyek region, Hungary) -

Spoon Lodge (Fine Dining Restaurant from Balaton, Hungary) - Spoon Lodge - 

Stelázsi (Artisan Jams and other products, Hungary) -

Strongbow (Apple Cider) -

Szatmári Pincészet, Badacsony (Winery from Balaton, Hungary) -

Twist&Chips -

Varga Pincészet, Badacsony (Winery from Balaton, Hungary) -

Zwack Unicum (Distillery, Hungary) -