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Tamás Borbély (Badacsony) will show his wines at VinCE Balaton

Posted on 07/11, 2013

Tamás Borbély is a secod generation young and talented winemaker from the vulcanic hill of Badacsony, near lake Balaton. The family vineyard has achieved several national and international awards, their icewine was even shown at Vinitaly at the Taste exPress.

Borbély Tamás

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(Magyar) Az ár-érték bajnokai – 200 Ft-os ajánlatok a 200 éves Citibank támogatásával

Posted on 07/10, 2013

Sorry, this entry is only available in Magyar.

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Károly Kolonics will show his wines from Somló

Posted on 07/3, 2013

Kolonics KárolyKároly is a young and ambitious winemaker from Somló. Somló also belongs to the Balaton wine region, though it is a bit farther from the lake then the other Balaton tegions.

Károly Kolonics is an experimental type of person, he has tried several barrels (like chestnut) and also unknown grape varieties, but  he is most proud of his juhfark (a native white grape from Somló).

Somló is quite popular among foreign wine experts because of its vulcanic soil and the wonderful minerality of the wines. It is a tiny region with great wines, and Károly Kolonics is one of the best representatives of the region.

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Orange Spirit, Abbey Liqueor and Many Other Spirits from Agárdi

Posted on 06/17, 2013

Agárdi SzilvaEurope’s most famous spirit contest is called Destillata, it is organized in Austria. Hungarian spirits have achieved 113 medals this year, and the most successful distillary is Agárdi with its 21 medals.
Agárdi produces the liqueors of Pannonhalma Abbey based on tradititon of centuries, while the distillary is innovative as well, for example they were the first to produce a spirit for cigars. The spirit is made of the marc of Tokaji aszú and aged in aszú barrels.
The distillary makes orange, banana and even beer spirit.

Come and taste Agárdi pálinkas at VinCE Balaton!




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Spoon Lodge Opens at Lake Balaton

Posted on 06/12, 2013

Spoon LodgeNew restaurant opens at lake Balaton, on the north side, in Balatonakarattya. The interior takes us to the remote Bali and its enchanting atmosphere. The cusine is also mostly Asian, but of course Hungarian wines and dishes can be found, too. The official opening party is on 15 June.
Spoon Lodge will exhibit at VinCE Balaton, so our guests can taste the wonderful creatures of Spoon in Balatonfüred.
More information:

Spoon Lodge


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Sauska Wines at VinCE Balaton

Posted on 06/3, 2013

Sauska 13Sauska Winery has vineyards in Villány and Tokaj regions. The winery is famous for its extremely careful selection of the berries and the extraordinary clean and perfect vinification.

They have achieved several international and inland success, for example the upcoming June issue of VinCE Magazin shows Sauska Cuvée 13 in the second best place of our panel tasting (the topic was wines for gastronomy).

In Tokaj they “play” with the blending of autochton and international grape varieties, like furmint with chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

More information:

Below you can find an article from the Hungarian issue of Decanter from 2008.







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